Hello, we are Martina and Martina, two yoga teachers and friends, that happened to share more than only the same name. Our shared passion for yoga, fitness and healthy lifestyle made us meet. We had already met a couple of times at different yoga and fitness events, but we had never had the chance to actually talk to each other. One day, after a fitness meet up in Milan, we stopped for an unplanned picnic with other friends. After an afternoon of chatting, “posing” and “shooting” we became friends, and from that day on we became an inseparable team. We started to workout together almost every day, to create our own fun partner workouts, but mainly we started to practice yoga together. Our personal practice has improved so much since we met and started our yoga journey together. Having someone who helps, observes and guides you during your practice is such an upgrade!! When we are together we become more creative and active. 

That’s how, a bit by chance, a bit for fun, we came up with the idea of The Two Martinas, a little space where we want to share our knowledge, experience and passion with those of you that are starting to get in touch with the world of yoga and fitness and with those of you that are already part of this magic word. At the same time we hope we can encourage and inspire our followers to work out and practice together, because having a passion is something awesome, but having someone to share it with is an unique blessing.

Martina Sergi

Martina Rando


Danilo Beronja : web design, graphic design, photography

Aiyu Wakayanagi : photography, proofreading